Anapico Product Catalog 2018 – Synthesizers, Generators and Signal Source Analyzers

Anapico is an ISO9001:2008 certified technology leader developing, manufacturing and supplying RF and MW
test & measurement instruments for a wide range of civilian and governmental applications. Established in 2005
in Zurich, Switzerland, Anapico has been heavily investing in R&D and dedicated to creating and continuously
improving our innovative and cost-efficient T&M solutions that have best-in-class performance and unique

Anapico Katalog

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All our products are manufactured and 100% tested in Switzerland. Our current product offering consists of the

• RF and MW Signal Generators up to 40 GHz
– analog with lowest phase noise
– ultra-agile with digital modulation
– phase coherent multiple outputs
– different models for 2, 4, 6, 12, 20, 26, 40 GHz
• Standard and Customized Wideband Frequency Synthesizer Modules
– wideband up to 40 GHz
– ultra-compact with USB/LAN interface
• Signal Source Analyzers & Phase Noise Analyzers up to 40 GHz
– highly flexible analysis of absolute and residual phase and amplitude noise
– different models for 7, 26 and 40 GHz
– transient analysis, short- and long-term stability analysis, one-step VCO characterization and more.

Unique features of our products are:

• Outstanding signal purity and lowest phase noise
• High output power and fast switching speed
• Ultra-low measurement sensitivity
• Compact size and low weight
• Low power consumption and optionally battery operation
• Flexible customization in hard- and software