Litepoint News 2017

About MIMO:

IQxel MW support multiple MIMO configurations up to 8×8 true MIMO. For example, it is possible to use 2 IQxel-M2W units to obtain 4×4 MIMO or a single M16W, there will not be a performance difference between running 2 x M2W units versus M16W unit.

Differences would be minor in commercial and user-experience:

  • Commercially, the licenses must be purchased per tester. M16W only requires the purchase of a single license.
  • User-experience wise, there would be 2 tester IP’s to manage, and external trigger cabling to attached, but MIMO analysis is handled by master/slave configuration.
  • Note that IQfact+ MIMO solutions are targeted at specific tester configurations. Please check with LitePoint to confirm support for using multiple testers in MIMO configurations.

About MU-MIMO:

MU-MIMO relies on an underlying technology called Explicit Beam Forming (EBF). Today, the majority of chipset companies do not support EBF testing in non-signaling mode, and therefore LitePoint is not currently offering a released MU-MIMO solution for the market. Please be careful when communicating to customers! We continue to work closely with the chipset companies, and a roadmap will follow when one has been agreed with the particular chipset company as they enable new test methodologies.
IQxel-M SigFox support

LitePoint and SigFox are collaborating to support device manufacturers that now can use the

IQxel-M to perform manufacturing and certification testing of Sigfox-enabled IoT devices.

Manufacturing test of Sigfox enabled devices / modules:

  • The IQxel-M has been verified by Sigfox as an approved test solution
  • There is an Applications Note available describing the recommended manufacturing test plan, example Sigfox module AT control commands, and the appropriate LitePoint SCPI commands to make the measurements.
  • We have not developed any off-the-shelf Sigfox IQfact+ solutions as there are many
    different chipset players making devices. If a business case makes sense to put one
    together, we can look at doing this. The technology is very simple, and there are only a few SCPI commands required to make the measurements.
  • The Sigfox technology license is required to enable Sigfox measurements on the IQxel family. This is active for quoting in Salesforce today.

Certification test of Sigfox enabled devices / modules:

LitePoint has enabled Sigfox to integrate IQxel-M into their Certification software, called
“Radio Signal Analyzer” (RSA).

Sigfox develops, maintains, and supplies the RSA Certification software tool to test labs,
test house, and any other customer interested in the certification process. LitePoint
cannot provide the RSA software directly to customers.

IQxel-MW Beamforming

IQxel-MW platform advanced architecture allows testing both Implicit and Explicit beamforming. Beamforming is a complex technology; if you hear any of your customers inquiring about it get in contact with us so that we can help you in evaluating the opportunity and define the specification.

Broadcom has released BRCM 43684

We are happy to announce that Broadcom has released their Manufacturing test software with MANDATORY “TBT” (Trigger Based Test) test support for the BRCM 43684.

What does this mean to you?

  • It provides a very unique differentiation for LitePoint IQxel-MW. No other vendor can
    offer this technology.

What does it do?

  • Trigger Based Test (TBT) uses unique HW and firmware algorithms to rapidly test many combinations of OFDMA waveforms used in the 802.11ax system. It allows real system level test operation to be verified. This means better test in less time for less cost.

What do you need to do?

  • TBT testing requires the SBT/TBT license (P/N:0300-IXMW-003). This is a line item option you must quote.
  • Please ensure all future MW quotes include the SBT/TBT option if the customer has any belief they will test BRCM 802.11ax equipped devices.