New Ka Band Prime Focus Satcom Antennas from Elite Antennas Ltd.

Until now, our Teleport customers who have been looking for Ka-band Circular polarised receive feeds have either had to use a high performance narrow band feed which makes repointing the antenna at different transponders with different frequencies problematic or use a poorly performing broadband feed. Not any more ! Now there is the new high

14 kW CW Power Amplyfier

General Description The AM97 is a Class AB LDMOS power amplifier system, intended for applications in high-energy physics. The latest LDMOS semiconductor devices offer high efficiency and reliability, reducing heat dissipation and power consumption so extending product life. The amplifier is suitable for use with CW signals, or with pulsed signals using a fast blanking

Rugged 100W Power Amplifier Module, 700 to 2700 MHz

Mini-Circuits’ ZHL-100W-272+ is a high-power amplifier module capable of delivering up to 100W output power across its entire operating bandwidth from 700 to 2700 MHz. It provides 48 dB gain with ±1.7 dB flatness, +50 dBm IP3, and 89 dB reverse isolation. The amplifier features built-in over-temperature protection and is able to withstand short or

HF-Testsysteme zur Qualifizierung aktiver und passiver Bauelemente

Die Produktion moderner Bauelemente für die Nachrichtentechnik erfordert immer umfangreichere Prüf- und Testszenarien zur Qualitätssicherung. Die Bauteile werden in sogenannten HTOL-Tests sowohl thermischen als auch hohen HF-Leistungen ausgesetzt. Die Anforderungen an Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit der Bauelemente, gerade für den Einsatz im Bereich Automotive und Mobilfunk sind besonders hoch und wachsen ständig mit der Weiterentwicklung der