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Globar non-inductive, high voltage, high power tubular resistors

Non-inductive, high voltage, high energy, high power tubular resistors with ratings up to 165 KV, 164 KJoules and 1,000 watts.

Globar® non-inductive, high voltage, high power tubular resistors are available in a wide range of standard sizes, ceramic materials, terminations and mounting hardware.

Globar non-inductive, high voltage, high power axial-leaded resistors

Non-inductive, high voltage, high-energy, high power axial-leaded resistors providing excellent performance that must be handled in a small size.

As alternatives to hard-to-find carbon composition resistors, Globar non-inductive high power axial-leaded resistors can be used as drop-in replacements for 1 and 2 watt sizes. Much larger sizes, up to 70 watts in a single component, are available for new or re-designs where an array of smaller resistors have been previously required.

Material charateristics and typical applications for Globar axial-leaded resistors

Globar non-inductive, high power, high voltage, high energy slab resistors

Non-inductive, high power, high voltage, high energy slab resistors in a compact shape. Globar non-inductive, high power slab resistors are available in two different materials:

  • Type 500SP slab resistors for high power applications
  • Type 500AS slab resistors for high voltage and high energy pulse applications

Disk and washer resistors

High-energy resistors in solid disk and washer styles from 1.60 to 5.90 inches (40.6 to 150 mm) in diameter.

Maximum temperature 230°C (446°F)
Maximum peak Voltage 5000 Volts
Contacts Brass metallization on faces
contact pressure
25 psi minimum; 50-100 psi preferred
Power rating Dependent upon mounting and exposed surface area. In free air, parts will safely dissipate 2.5 watts per square inch of surface area at 40°C (104°F) ambient.
Resistance temperature
0.0%/°C to -0.1%/°C

Water-cooled resistors

Direct and indirect water-cooled non-inductive resistors capable of dissipating more power in a smaller package than water-cooled resistors previously available in the market.


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