Up to 6, 12.75, 20, 26 and 40 GHz Ultra low noise Microwave Signal Generators


Ultra low noise Microwave Signal Generators up to 6, 12.75, 20, 26 and 40 GHz


The APULNXX is an ultra low-noise and fast-switching microwave signal generator covering a
continuous frequency ranges from 100 kHz up to 6, 12.75, 20, 26, and 40 GHz, respectively, with a
0.001 Hz resolution.

The APULNXX provide an accurately levelled output power range and high spurious suppression.
Advanced frequency synthesis combines fastest switching speeds with ultra low SSB phase noise
and fine frequency and power resolution.
The standard APULNXX includes intra/pulse chirp modulations, frequency chirps, pulse modulation
with programmable patterns, and phase modulation.

The APULNXX allows fast analog and digital sweeps including flexible list sweeps, where frequency,
power and dwell times can be set individually. A flexible triggering capability simplifies
synchronization within test environments.

All APULNXX operate with ultra-stable temperature compensated frequency reference (OCXO) to
ensure minimal drift, and can be phase-locked to an external reference. Additionally, optimum
phase synchronous signals can be achieved by bypassing internal reference and feeding an 1 GHz
signal directly as reference. The compact unit allows full front panel control via touch panel display.


– FS: ultra fast switching
– ULN: enhanced close in phase noise
– MOD: adds modulation
– EBAT: supports battery operation

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