FLOMEC® Produkt Updates

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen heute neue Produktupdates zu den Durchflusszählern und Chargenreglern von FLOMEC® vorstellen zu können.

FLOMEC® RT14 Flow Rate Totaliser – Intrinsically Safe Approved.

The Intrinsically Safe Approved RT14 Flow Rate Totaliser has been confirmed and will start shipping from our Australian facility on the Monday 2nd of September, 2019.
Due to the large volume of enquiries we have received prior to the release of the Intrinsically Safe Approved RT14, pre-ordering will be available from Monday 12th of August 2019.
NB: The I.S RT12 will be made obsolete and will no longer be available from the 30th of August 2019.

Available September 2019!

FLOMEC® RT40 Flow Rate Totaliser – Glass Reinforced Nylon Housing

The RT40 Flow Rate Totaliser is now available in a rugged GRN housing with IP66/67 rating and Polycarbonate display protector, suitable for both Universal (Field or Panel) mount and Integral meter mount and will use 3 x M16 drilled holes for cable entry.
The RT40 in GRN will be available alongside the current RT40 in Aluminium.

Available Now!

FLOMEC® EB11 Eco Batch Controller

As previously advised, the ‘EB10’ Eco-Batch Controller has been made obsolete and is no longer available. This includes all variations including ‘E0’. We are currently on track to have the New and Improved EB11 Eco Batch Controller ready for dispatch from our Australian facility in January 2020.
Since the EB10 Eco Batch Controller was made obsolete, we have had a large number of enquiries for the EB10 and it’s equivalent replacement depending on requirements.
To assist with specification requirements, we have created this comparison chart between the EB10 and the F030 that details the specifications and capabilities of each product to make selection simple and easy.

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